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Harry's creativity expands beyond building structurally strong to building beautiful. His appreciation of nature leads him to seek out stones of unusual interest and beauty to incorporate into projects.

Now Harry is offering stepping stones that add interest and variety to sidewalks, patios or may themselves become a walkway, lending interest to gardens. These stepping stones will be individually created to coordinate with existing stonework or add interest to new work. Each central stone is personally selected by the craftsman.

"All are reinforced with strong, heavy gauge wire, to give them better strength. Each is more or less 14 inches by 16. They take a while to make, so they're a bit more costly than mass-produced stepping stones."

Prices vary depending on materials used.

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"These stepping stones, or stone art pieces, were made using interesting rocks that I have gathered over the years on my walks thither and yon. I had accrued so many, and wondered how I could display them," Harry says, "My first thought was to frame them, as though they were paintings."

  Stone and brick masonry combine to create stepping stones

"There are quartz, agate, granite, gneiss, and many other types of rock whose identities I'm just not sure of. I  love thinking about and wondering how old they they might be, how they formed and when, and if they were once parts of much larger stones. In any case, I'm happy about how they turned out in the various frames."

Stone and brick masonry combine to create stepping stones

Each stepping stone is approximately 1.5" thick and would be laid in cement or mortar for walkway applications. They have been acid-washed and would be water-sealed after being set in place. Each is 16" x 14". All are special order and unique.

Stone and brick masonry combine to create stepping stones


On his many treks through nature, Harry seeks out the interaction of vines and trees that result in contorted walking sticks. In Harry's own words,

"Each has been strangled by honeysuckle. The tree would have been choked to death if I hadn't cut it, so there is no net loss. Honeysuckle is an introduced species, and native trees have no defenses against it. "

"I have left the sticks unadorned and unvarnished. I like them that way, but buyers may want to dress them and stain or varnish them."

Prices for the contorted walking sticks vary.

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